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Not much to say here really. I'm a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy, and I love to do creature design. I do mostly digital painting, but can work in a variety of mediums.

A few days ago, I got a Bosto kingtee monitor tablet. Having found little info on the web about them other than "first impressions" videos, I thought that I'd review this thing myself.


What is it?

Monitor tablets are basically giant touch screens that attach to your computer and act as a monitor. they aren't computers in their own right. The company Wacom seems to have a monopoly on the market with their product; the cintiq. While the cintiq is a wonderful machine in it's own right, The thing is terrifyingly expensive. As a result, a couple companies looking to break into the market are making "cintiq alternatives" with the main selling point that they are much cheaper. The Bosto kingtee 19MA is one such device.


Where can i find one?

As far as I've seen this product is only really available online (in canada, at least). they do sell it on, but not on (the Canadian one). they also sell it directly off their own site. most places require that you use paypal to purchase, but since my parents where paranoid of fraud, we found a site that didn't require it.

As for the shipping it's self, the service was okay. it took a week to "process" the shipment, but only a couple days for the thing to arrive at our doorstep, once it had actually been shipped. I'm glad to say that none of the product components were damaged or missing upon arrival, and where exactly as advertised and ordered.



The hardware: my Bosto Kingtee 19MA arrived with the monitor, two pens (one battery powered, one re-chargeable) with extra nibs, a pen charger (USB), a power supply, HDMI cable, VGA cable, USB cable and a drawing glove. I followed the instructions in the quick setup manual, connecting the USB and HDMI cables to the laptop and the power supply to 110V. I started the laptop (without installing any drivers) and the screen functioned as duplicate display without any adjustments. The pen (rechargeable one) worked as a mouse without any setup.

the software: admittedly, trying to setup the software was a terrible experience. the manual wasn't any help at all, and there isn't much info on the web for how to set it up. the actual installation of the various drivers seems to be innocently straightforward enough, but it wasn't too long before things went horribly wrong. First off, if you don't uninstall all wacom drivers (and i do mean ALL of them), the touch sensitivity is not going to work at all. if you try to install the driver that comes with the pen while running any wacom drivers, the pen will stop working entirely. While it would seem simple enough to uninstall the wacom drivers, some of them are hard to find and uninstall, due to being in the windows directory. other problems that i have had personally where severe lagging, and my computer being confused as to which screen is which. the solution that i found to the screen confusion is to set it up so that my laptop screen is off entirely (making the bosto kingtee monitor my only screen). Making the pen work included removing the "flicks", the "press and hold for right click" and the "pen-mounted right click button" functions of the pen. other than this, I've found no straight forward solutions to any problems other than simply trying everything and anything, and uninstalling and reintsalling all of the drivers a few thousand times. keep in mind that you have to restart you computer in between each uninstall and reinstall, because otherwise your actions won't take effect.

Drawing preformance

The Bosto kingtee 19MA is everything that i had imagined and hoped for, ever since I've heard of the existence of monitor tablets. the touch sensitivity is fluid, and lines don't suddenly "jump" from one size to another. I've not had any experience so far with random lines appearing on the screen as i draw, and there has been virtually no lag since the issue mentioned in "setup" was resolved. I can do everything that i had been able to with my bamboo fun tablet (a much cheaper tablet from wacom that i had been using up to this point) and there was a significantly less steep learning curve to boot! The colors appear the same as on my laptop, and the viewing angle feels to be just about as steep as well.


Cintiq alternitive

while I've never used a cintiq, the bosto kingtee 19MA gave me all that i would expect out of a professional-grade monitor tablet (minus the setup of course). Considering that even the cheapest Cintiqs are hundreds of dollars more expensive than the bosto kingtee, I think that you are at the very least getting your money's worth, if not a lot more.



Availability: 5\10


hardware setup:10\10

software setup: 3\10

drawing preformance: 9\10

Overall rating: 7\10


useful sites: official bosto wesite (driver downloads, product specs, and you can buy it here) (info on installing drivers, it's the best i've found)…  (buy it here if you don't want to use paypal (it's more expensive though)…


testing bosto kingtee tablet by comixgamer



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Alright, cool. Well I'm still fairly active on here, so I'll be around if you decide to revamp things. :D
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Thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff! I looked at your gallery too, and I could say much the same thing in return. :D
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